Bearing Tree Land Surveying – a Leading Company in Topographical Survey Technology and Services
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3d Laser Scanning
Based on our philosophy of employing the latest technology and equipment to improve the quality and efficiency of our surveyor services, Bearing Tree Land Surveying company has developed a 3D laser scanning capability.
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Aerial LIDAR
By making a multimillion-dollar investment, Bearing Tree Land Surveying has solidified its place in the aerial mapping community and offers the only LiDAR GIS mapping system of its kind in the Americas...
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Aerial Imagery
Bearing Tree Land Surveying has provided timely and accurate high resolution ortho-imagery since 2009. We are centrally located at Wiley Post Airport (KPWA) in Oklahoma City. We own and operate all...
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Once a scheme has been designed, it is the responsibility of the surveyor services provider to transfer the design data on to the ground at site through an engineering survey...
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Bearing Tree Land Surveying - a Leader in Topographical Survey Technology and Services

Bearing Tree Land Surveying is a company providing integrated topographical and engineering survey and GIS data management services to the engineering, construction and environmental sectors. Employing a multi-disciplinary approach with the latest LiDAR laser scanning equipment, we are able to channel extensive geospatial and geophysical data acquisition and management experience in to the highest quality deliverable for our customers.

Our services include:

A strong core geomatics competency enables our customers to derive maximum value from a range of established application technologies. We aim to simplify the process of obtaining and managing critical data throughout the life cycle of our customers' projects. The planning, management and performance of projects has served to demonstrate that quality of service is inextricably linked to measures taken to safeguard the integrity of and maximize the value of data. It is on this premise that the development of Bearing Tree Land Surveying has been based. We have aligned ourselves with various established quality providers to ensure that the best technical support, latest technology and adequate resources are built in to the service.

Our operational practice builds firmly on our inherent respect for health and safety and the protection of our environment. For more information on our technologically advanced services, please contact us today - we look forward to being of assistance to you on your next project.