Cutting-Edge 3D Laser Scanning Equipment for GIS Mapping and Modeling

Based on our philosophy of employing the latest technology and equipment to improve the quality and efficiency of our surveyor services, Bearing Tree Land Surveying company has developed a 3D laser scanning capability. As with all land survey instrumentation, the critical success factor is a thorough understanding of application, economy of accuracy and quality of deliverable. Bearing Tree Land Surveying has identified several areas where 3D laser surveying has greatly increased our capability and efficiency in Oklahoma City.

Save Time and Reduce Cost

Laser scanning can eliminate the need to create time consuming and expensive 3D CAD models. With 3D laser scanning the surveyor or end-user has the capability to extract vector distances, create 2D plans or elevations or cross sections directly from the measurement domain, which in this case is a point cloud.

With advanced laser scanning technology allowing scan rates of up to 4,000 points per second, field acquisition times are greatly reduced and the inevitable redundancy of data aspect provides an additional level of quality control that was not possible with traditional survey instrumentation.

Applications for 3D laser scanning equipment and services include:

  • Structural and engineering applications
  • Visual Impact Assessment
  • Building and architectural surveyor services
  • Slope and embankment modeling
  • Cityscape modeling – integration of terrestrial based scanning with airborne data – e.g. LIDAR
  • Road traffic accident scene
  • Specialist topographic surveys
  • Manufacturing and processing facilities management
  • Volumetric and extraction modeling
  • Restricted access surveys
  • Ports, harbor and water course modeling
  • Erosion monitoring
  • 3D modeling for film and television productions
  • Crime scene recording
  • 4D modeling

For more information on the advantages of 3D laser surveying in Oklahoma City, please contact our team today.

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