Bearing Tree Land Surveying has provided timely and accurate high resolution aerial maps with ortho-imagery in Oklahoma City  since 2009. We are centrally located at Wiley Post Airport (KPWA) in Oklahoma City. We own and operate all of our equipment and aircraft a proper aerial view. We also post process all of our data in-house. This makes for fast delivery times, even same day for some projects. Our twin-engine Piper Turbo Aztec is equipped with the Leica ALS70CM and Leica RCD30 a 60 Megapixel 50mm medium format digital camera. Our single-engine Cessna TU206 is equipped with the Leica ALS50CM and RCD 105 a 39 Megapixel 59mm medium format digital camera. With a staff that is proficient in aerial mapping, we will provide a level of service and expertise that you may not be aware exists in the aerial mapping arena. Learn more about our services and GIS mapping now!