Take a deeper look into the earth with a top-notch land surveyor. Industries of all kinds are taking note from what we have to offer. Architects and construction companies in Oklahoma can rely on the land surveying services from the number one construction surveying team, Bearing Tree Land Surveying & Aerial Mapping.

Applications of land surveying can help out industries like yours! The power utility industry has used our land surveyors to monitor vegetation growth and know the exact tree locations. They have also used us to determine location of town centers to help plan, manage and maintain power lines. With the high density data that we offer you, you’ll be excited to get started on your current project. Not only that, but you won’t have any unexpected surprises that delay your finished project.

Land surveying is also used heavily in the real estate and land development industry. Before you can build on any land, it needs to be surveyed. Understanding the ground on which you’ll be building is the first priority to land developers everywhere. With our data, you’ll be able to monitor land use, assess environmental impact and even monitor property valuation.

What are you waiting for? Get ahold of our talented and highly respected land surveyors today to better understand the land for your industry. Let our innovative laser scanning technology give you the answers and data need. Contact us now to get started.