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How To Become A Surveyor

Posted by on Apr 19, 2016 in Land Surveyor Oklahoma City | 0 comments

It’s another beautiful Oklahoma City summer day and you are driving east out of town. The feeling of adventure prompts you to take a side road and do some exploring. Backroads are an institution in this part of the country and who doesn’t love exploring? Unexpectedly, you come upon a truck with yellow flashing lights and slow instinctively. Looks like, out in the middle of nowhere, a survey crew is taking some bearings. It might not...

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Was That Another Drone?

Posted by on Apr 13, 2016 in Land Surveyor Oklahoma City | 0 comments

Drones are here to stay and the advancements that they have made in five years are incredible. They are being utilized in ways that are very exciting, such as land surveying and inspection. Your recreational drone is a little quadcopter that can be used to hover over locations and take pictures or video. Meanwhile, the heavy duty drones that are prevalent in military or industrial applications are beefed up versions of their civilian...

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Surveying the Past

Posted by on Mar 31, 2016 in Land Surveyor Oklahoma City | 0 comments

Land Surveying has been the way that humans have defined boundaries for centuries. The Great Pyramid in Egypt is a representation of the accuracy that can be accomplished with the correct knowledge. Romans established boundaries of their empire in order to collect the appropriate taxes. That sounds similar to property taxes by today’s standards! European churches would gather for a ceremony of “beating the bounds” in which young boys and men...

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Property Lines and Disputes

Posted by on Mar 10, 2016 in Land Surveyor Oklahoma City | 0 comments

The cha-chink of a lever action Winchester sounds in the dark and a man in a cowboy hat steps from behind a tree. “Get off my land” he says. The interloper turns his horse, glances back and says, “This ain’t over. This is my land.” He rides into the black, vowing to return and reclaim the land he believes he owns. This is how a property dispute may have been settled in the early days of the west. A land surveyor would be an option but I doubt...

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The Second Step To Understanding Your Land Survey

Posted by on Feb 27, 2016 in Land Surveyor Oklahoma City | 0 comments

Many individuals have heard of a land surveyor, but not all of them understand what a land surveyor does or how to read a land survey. In our previous post, we gave you the first step to understanding and reading your land survey provided to you by one of OKC’s finest land surveyors. Here is the second step to understanding your land survey. It’s okay to ask our land surveyor to go over the components of your PLSS (Public Land Survey System)....

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How To Read Your Land Survey

Posted by on Feb 20, 2016 in Land Surveyor Oklahoma City | 0 comments

Bearing Tree Land Surveying is all about giving you the tools you need to make life a little bit easier. With our land surveyor at your beckon call, he’ll provide you with the map that you need to complete a job well done. But what if you aren’t quite sure how to read this new-to-your-eyes map? Well, that’s easy; here’s how to read a land survey taken by the professionals at Bearing Tree in OKC. First off, it’s highly important that you come to...

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