Did you know that GIS is everywhere? In fact, many people say “I don’t use GIS,” but they certainly do. GIS, in its simplest form, is “computerized mapping.” GIS (Geographic Information System) is used in everyday life by consumers everywhere. If you’re using Google Earth, geotagging and GPS devices, you’re using GIS. And according to Canalys, approximately 41 million GPS units were sold to consumers in 2008, and just a year later the number of GPS enabled cell phones exceeded 27 million.

There are many different GIS applications, some are to help with direction, others are to get a Bird’s Eye View and others are used for Photosynth. There are many different websites out there that provide GIS sources to users for a mapping experience, but you can order GIS surveying for your very own imagery of the land you need.

There are many different types of GIS surveying available. From 3D laser scanning to aerial LIDAR, you can pick and choose what kind of land surveying would be best for you. Let our team of talented and experienced professionals provide a landscaped GIS for you to study. No matter what the project is that you’re developing, our team can help you get through it without any problems. Understand the land that you’re building on with a digital representation of topography from Bearing Tree Land Surveying & Aerial Mapping. Get in touch with us online to inquire about our services.