Industry Applications for Advanced Laser Scanning Surveying Equipment

The innovative laser scanning technology and surveyor services we offer in Oklahoma City, OK have a wide range of applications in different sectors. Our clients for construction surveying including, LiDAR services, aerial surveys, GIS data gathering and other geomatics services include:

Power Utility Industry

  • Monitor vegetation growth and tree locations
  • Determine location of tower centers
  • Plan, manage, and maintain power lines
  • Analyze the risks of transmission line sagging, tree interference, and clearance
  • Offers high density data offering superior vegetation penetration and greater resolution and detail of transmission lines

Real Estate & Land Development Industry

  • Monitor property valuation
  • Assess environmental impact
  • Monitor land use

Mining Industry

  • Prepare and plan site
  • Provide precise volumetric calculations
  • Monitor land subsidence
  • Detect changes in mine sites

Earthmoving Industry

  • Provide precise volumetric calculations
  • Create a balanced work site

Landfill Industry

  • Detect changes in landfill site
  • Show more accurately than traditional methods how much space is available

Oil & Gas Industry

  • Determine where new pipeline should be laid
  • Detect changes in areas around existing pipelines
  • Monitor vegetation growth

Coastal Zone Management

  • Monitor beach volume changes and subsidence
  • Monitor shoreline and vegetation line changes

For more information on applying our comprehensive laser scanning and surveyor services to your industry in the Oklahoma City area, please contact us today.

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