Design Construction Surveys for Accurate Construction Project Assessment

Whether a site is subject to a change of use or is planned for development, a high quality, up-to-date design plan from construction survey specialists represents an essential basis for assessment, planning and subsequent design work. This plan and its derivatives will most likely be an integral part of the whole development project lifecycle and must therefore be of an appropriate accuracy and detail.

Wherever possible, Bearing Tree Land Surveying will encourage the client’s involvement in the definition of building survey specifications – this may be simply the agreement of end-user generated specifications or a checklist approach to the level of survey detail. In cases where such a process is not possible, we work to the RICS Specification Guidelines 2nd Edition -1996 standard.

The presentation of topographic land survey data may vary from 2D paper plots through to sophisticated 3D digital models. Our Bearing Tree Land Surveyors are focused on delivering the right data format by understanding your current needs and how the data might be used in the future.

3D digital terrain models are easily generated within our Autodesk Civil 3D software from which sectional information and complex volumetric (cut and fill) models may be generated. Because Civil 3D calculates volumes automatically using a single, intelligent model, it is both extremely fast and accurate. This model creates relationships between objects so that design changes update without further intervention. In other words, a change to one part of the design can propagate throughout an entire project.

Rigorous quality control has been designed into our data acquisition, data processing & management and presentation process. A registry of drawing reference and revision forms the basis of our quality system and senior survey personnel routinely and independently check results from all stages of building survey works.

For more insight into our design construction surveying plan process and topographic land survey services, please contact us today.

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