A fascinating aspect of current mapping technology is 3D laser scanning. Let’s say that you need to retrofit a historic building with a modern infrastructure of network cables. The installation of these cables must be completed in the least invasive manner possible. From a planning aspect, blueprints are the standard. Blueprints, however accurate, are a representation of what the building should look like. Not necessarily what it actually looks like. As it was built by humans, small differences occur in the translation between the blueprint and actual construction. 3D laser scanning can provide a representation of the interior of a building. Oklahoma City GIS surveying can be utilized with this process also. This will allow accurate placement of all of the upgrades within the building.


Concerning the outside of the building, 3D mapping can provide the same information. A three-dimensional GIS surveying map can be made of the building by our Oklahoma City team. This information is valuable because, as I said before, buildings are imperfect in their execution. From the standpoint of historical preservation, it is particularly important to have an accurate representation of a given building. It is possible to reverse engineer a portion of the building, in order to discover any flaws in the construction or repair damage. The 3D mapping technology that we utilize can eliminate the need for time consuming CAD representations.


At Bearing Tree we proudly serve Oklahoma City’s 3D mapping needs. Our portfolio speaks of our commitment to quality surveying and aerial mapping. Contact us today and let us apply our expertise to your project.