How LiDAR Works to Benefit Your Company

At Bearing Tree Land Surveying, our aim is to put the best laser surveying equipment at your service in order to bring you the most accurate results – quickly. Find out how the LiDAR system works to help you achieve the most efficient results:

Cost: Point for point, the cost of this laser scanning equipment blows away any other form of traditional and airborne topographic geographic information system. Using lasers allows Bearing Tree to collect GIS data at a rate of up to 15 acres and 100,000 measurements per second, which translates into tremendous savings to customers.

Remain competitive in a rapidly changing GIS mapping industry: You’ve seen similar waves of change with GPS. This time, the technology is considerably more costly. A number of firms are feverishly working to design and prove a GIS system for their own in-house use, with the goal of capturing new market share. By working with Bearing Tree, firms of all sizes can compete with these new threats by offering customers the most detailed, timely and accurate GIS mapping data at very competitive rates.

We bear the risks of obsolescence: Thereby eliminating concerns of a seven-figure investment into cutting-edge GIS mapping technology. No single user, regardless of size and market share, is likely to efficiently utilize the tremendous acreage capacity of a LiDAR laser surveying system. Working with Bearing Tree Land Surveying eliminates wasteful excess-capacity challenges.

Gain access to the right LiDAR laser surveying system for your project: Our land surveying company offers guaranteed access to the 3D laser surveying system for firms of all sizes. Whether your interest is in service, production, or even a system acquisition, we’ll be glad to share what we know. Our mission focuses on service excellence and, since no single system is perfect for all project demands, we think it makes more sense to coordinate with other entities and institutions and tailor the GIS mapping data collection to the user’s project-specific needs.

Get Objective Expertise. You’ll benefit from our lessons learned as consultants to NOAA’s Center for Technological Innovation joint venture where we were contracted to investigate the commercialization possibilities of the LiDAR laser surveying system. Our thousands of man-hours of industry research into GIS mapping and real-world commercial LiDAR project experience is available to customers on a 24-hour a day basis. Each laser surveying system and operator has their own strengths and limitations and our investment in learning about them can be put to work for your next project.

Bearing Tree Land Surveying offers Guaranteed Service Quality Excellence. This includes putting your GIS mapping project through a finely honed production process, ensuring turnaround times that will truly delight you and your customers. Depending upon deliverables, we’ve seen our chosen LiDAR unit survey 10,000 acres in a single hour. We’ve turned around data sets for projects like these in just a couple of weeks, including complete Digital Elevation Models, aerial mapping and full sets of indexed contour maps at 2′ intervals.

Bearing Tree Land Surveying Company opens up the value-chain, allowing customers the choice of how much or how little they would like to participate in producing the final deliverables.
If raw ASCII XYZ points are all that is desired, then the costs will reflect that. If the customer prefers orthophotos built upon and draped on that data, along with perspective views, unique contouring, texturing and “fly-throughs”, we can handle that too. Whether it’s fast service or investing in exceptional LiDAR laser scanning equipment, Bearing Tree Land Surveying will do whatever it takes to satisfy our customers. That’s our promise – and we live by it.

For more information on how our 3D LiDAR laser scanning equipment can give your company the competitive advantage, please contact us in Oklahoma City today.

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