The cha-chink of a lever action Winchester sounds in the dark and a man in a cowboy hat steps from behind a tree. “Get off my land” he says. The interloper turns his horse, glances back and says, “This ain’t over. This is my land.” He rides into the black, vowing to return and reclaim the land he believes he owns. This is how a property dispute may have been settled in the early days of the west. A land surveyor would be an option but I doubt our feuding gentlemen would trust the results. As romantic as it sounds, property disputes in today’s society can be just as dramatic.   


Property can be a funny thing. Fences or a similar barrier are often used to mark a boundary. Time passes and the landscape changes due to environmental factors, vegetation growth, even things like seismic activity or erosion. To properly establish a disputed property line, it should not be assumed that an established border is accurate. To establish the correct borders, current surveying methods must be utilized. Property lines can even be disputed due to errors in surveying which is always a distant possibility.

The experts at Bearing Tree Land Surveying and Aerial Mapping can utilize the latest technology to establish your property line. As an important first step in planning a project we will utilize geomatics and go beyond the traditional notion of surveying. To discuss your current project and the services that we offer, please contact us today for a consultation.