Land Surveying has been the way that humans have defined boundaries for centuries. The Great Pyramid in Egypt is a representation of the accuracy that can be accomplished with the correct knowledge. Romans established boundaries of their empire in order to collect the appropriate taxes. That sounds similar to property taxes by today’s standards! European churches would gather for a ceremony of “beating the bounds” in which young boys and men walked the boundaries of the town and parish. This gave the young boys a memory of the boundaries and the ability to pass on the knowledge.


Clearly things have progressed beyond walking the perimeter of hazily remembered borders to establish property lines. The dawn of the GIS age in the 1960’s changed the game forever. Not necessarily the surveying aspect but how the data is interpreted. Surveying will always rely on the basic functions of geometry and trigonometry as its foundation, even if that information is gathered through satellite. The essence of GPS surveying relies on satellites to provide information to equipment on the ground. Bearing Tree Land Surveying and Aerial Mapping has the experience and equipment to provide you with accurate results.


The climate of instant information extends to all aspects of our lives, even instant geographical information. The fact of the matter is boundaries only change in the minds of those who create them. Napoleon thought his boundaries were flawless and for the most part they were close enough. But more importantly Napoleon established the model for the way we define boundaries in America.