Many individuals have heard of a land surveyor, but not all of them understand what a land surveyor does or how to read a land survey. In our previous post, we gave you the first step to understanding and reading your land survey provided to you by one of OKC’s finest land surveyors. Here is the second step to understanding your land survey.

  1. It’s okay to ask our land surveyor to go over the components of your PLSS (Public Land Survey System). We want you to understand the grid system, and by understanding that the PLSS grid system is used by land surveyors to provide you with the exact location and data of a piece of property, you’ll be able to understand where the data on the PLSS is physically located.

    • The grid on your map was created using two different sets of lines. The set of north and south lines is the principal meridian, and the set of east and west lines are the baselines. Within the land survey, your property will have a location based off of the position and number of these lines.

    • To make the survey easier to read, it is segregated into square miles. Each square mile may be subdivided into separate townships.

    • Once the grid of your survey is separated into townships, they can further be divided into smaller sections. Furthermore, each of these squares may be divided even further into grids that are smaller.

It’s important that you understand how to ready your land survey provided to you by a land surveyor from Bearing Tree in OKC. Stay tuned for our next blog: The Third Step To Understanding Your Land Survey.