If you’re new to the world of GIS surveying, that’s okay! Our job in Oklahoma City is to make sure that you get the GIS surveying you need, when you need it most. But if you aren’t quite sure what GIS surveying is, you may be a little bit confused. So, with that being said, what is GIS surveying and how can it help you?

GIS stands for geographic information system. It is a computer system that captures, stores, checks and displays data in relation to positions on the Earth’s surface. It also can show the land in many different kinds of data, which allows people to see the earth in different ways. From this data, you can analyze and understand the patterns and their relationships with the earth.

GIS technology allows people to compare different locations of land and discover how they may be related to each other. For example, if you use GIS mapping for two different locations that are similar, it may show that the site is more likely to product pollution, such as gas stations, and sites that are more sensitive to solutions, like wetlands. Such a GIS map can help people determine which wetlands are most at risk.

GIS can use any information that includes the location. This location can be expressed in a multitude of ways, such as with the address, the zip code or  with latitude and longitude coordinates. And it’s good to keep in mind that with different types of information, it can be contrasted and compared using GIS mapping. GIS mapping can include all of the data you’d like to know, including income, population and even education level. Most commonly, information about the land, such as different types of vegetation, soil and the location of streams, is wanted. That doesn’t leave out the location sites of schools, storm drains, roads, power lines, farms and factories.

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