Cushing_Tank_Farm_The revolution of the drone is upon us. Is that scary? In some aspects, yes. But drones, like superman’s X-ray vision, should only be used for good – not evil. In many respects drones are a lot like X-ray vision, they are easy to use for the wrong reasons. We have all heard about drones being used to snoop on unsuspecting people who believed they were not being filmed. The media has also told of drones being used in close proximity to airports and creating hazards for aircraft. It seems that drones are more trouble than they are worth but in reality, can be a very useful tool, even to support GIS surveying.

It’s a Bird…

Like it or not, drones are part of our future. It is easy to imagine a not too distant reality which buzzes with drones performing all sorts of tasks. Of course the future is never accurate when imagined, unless you count the hover-board, and the wild west days of drones appears to be almost over. The FAA is currently scrambling to establish regulations in this growing industry. A drone registration is in place and the useage guidelines have gotten longer.

Industry Usage

In the surveying industry the technology is evolving at a breakneck pace. Surveyors are increasingly using drones to tackle difficult terrain in a safe manner. The mobility that drones offer, make it possible to get extremely accurate results in a relatively short period of time. Next time we will discuss more uses (and some limitations) for drones.

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